Marketing in absense of portfolio of projects for a software start-up.


I am starting a mobile/web development outsourcing company. My development team (currently 4 developers) is moving to my starup from our prev. company, that worked in IT, but not in SD outsourcing.

As a new company, we don't have an outsourcing portfolio - only in-house projects.

Would a web site be making a bad impression, if we go ahead and be honest that we are a startup, and, therefore, we open to do work at high discounts for services. Also, to place describing text/image where in future our portfolio of projects would be listed.

Or will I make a better impression just not mentioning our age and portfolio at all?

If this is more of a discussion question, and there is no a strong opinion on either side of this - let me know in comments and I will remove the question. Thank you.

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asked Mar 8 '12 at 04:26
Maxim V. Pavlov
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Remember that while your company may be new, the people are not new to the business. It is perfectly appropriate to have a section on the website listing your key people along with their experience and projects they have worked on.

As an example:

John Jones is our Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Our Great
Company he was with General Motors for then years where he was
responsible for the development of accounting systems.

Bob Smith - web developer. Prior to joining... Bob was with Little
Agency for 7 years where he was the senior web developer. Among the
sites he produced were the websites for Pixar, Apple and Whole Foods.

answered Mar 8 '12 at 15:31
Jonny Boats
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