Marketing Education ERP with partners


We have an ERP product that is targeted at schools, colleges, small & large institutes.

We are looking to sell this product online with SaaS model.

The product is ready and we are now looking for marketing partners around the world.

Can anyone share their experience of how to reach such partners and deliver the product?

I am looking for serious partners who can bring good orders to us.

Marketing Saas Partnerships Online

asked Sep 25 '11 at 21:45
Dartz Educational Erp
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So your business verticals are education, and ... you'll need to be more specific when marketing than small & large institutions. Essentially break your potential audiences down as specifically as possible. Education: K-12, college, vocational universities...

What other products exist in these markets? I know that there is a product called Angel, Blackboard, and Instructure's Canvas, as well as Microsoft Sharepoint that are often rolled out to these markets. Use Google and find businesses that provide complimentary service to yours. Not sure if those products are complimentary or competitive, but I imagine if you spent time making an entire product for an industry you know what other systems are used in that industry.

You don't just want partners that could sell your product, you want partners that already have your prospects as clients. If they already have those relationships it will be much easier to sell to them. Especially education since it is not a privately owned business, the sales cycle is much longer and harder.

answered Sep 25 '11 at 23:10
Ryan Doom
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  • I have relatively poor network and so need some sources or partners who will take care of marketing efforts of this dartz educational erp that we have. – Dartz Educational Erp 12 years ago
  • | - you essentially need to find those connections you want to make. Also, calling on your potential customers and doing 'surveys' of what products they currently use and not trying to sell them initially could give you more info on the market and possibly who there current vendors are... you could then contact those vendors and try to build relationships. – Ryan Doom 12 years ago

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Marketing Saas Partnerships Online