What marketing materials could be created for presenting outsourcing company?


I'm focusing on direct sales at software and mobile outsourcing company, located in Eastern Europe. Our management is often traveling around Europe to meet with clients.

I was wondering what marketing materials about our company as an outsourcing partner could we create and print which might be interesting and valuable to potential clients and present a company on a top level.

We have separate case studies for most interesting apps that we've developed and company profile. What should we add to this?

Marketing Outsourcing Promotional Material

asked Mar 22 '12 at 00:47
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Normally the top management of the company that would even consider doing outsourcing needs to know the following:

  1. Can you solve the problem they will outsource to you?
  2. Can you do it significantly cheaper then the developers they would hire locally?
  3. What companies do you already provide services for? Basically references.
  4. Do you have a product portfolio that you have developed already?
  5. Can you deliver products based on their timeframes?
  6. How difficult would it be for them to get bugfixes for stuff you deliver? and from that do you have personnel that can speak the language with near native proficiency?

From that you can create slides that you management can present. Of course based on cultural management differences you may have to adjust the content but the basic questions remain the same.

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  • Thanks, ?3,4 and 6 are useful and easy to put into the document. The rest I believe can't be predicted until we start to discuss the concrete project. Good tips to build a discussion in general. – Alena 12 years ago


I would also include some information on projects you've said "no" to. One of the downfalls of outsourcing is the "say yes to everything" approach I've seen. To me, it shows a more discerning level of service instead of the "do anything for a buck regardless of quality" that has become a prevalent in software outsourcing.

answered Apr 2 '12 at 23:00
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  • Thanks, it's an interesting idea. We have a number of criteria according to which we select the projects. But might it seem a little bit ignorant for potential client if he get a _separate _document where we tell what kind of projects we don't do? I mean, may be it would be better to tell it during a personal meeting? – Alena 12 years ago


What about transition services? Many times early stage companies need to deliver an MVP then wish to move the project internal after funding and / or traction.

Showing what processes you use to make such a transition as painless as possible + what additional services you would provide during and after such efforts (training / code review / candidate vetting for example) would help distance yourself from the "low cost / high promise" type of presentations that many of us have sat through.

answered Feb 27 '13 at 05:17
Jim Galley
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I recommend you create either a
1: 4-color, multi-page .pdf that -
a) includes testimonials
b) lists benefits of using your firm
c) quantifies your successes & why you're best qualified for the job

or 2: a PowerPoint presentation that includes the same points listed above. Either way, you can email this file to potential clients.

answered Apr 30 '13 at 14:25
La Shon Anthony
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