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I currently use to keep track of my personal finances and I love it! Is there an equivalent product in regards to quality/execution for small businesses/startups? What does everyone here use in order to keep track of their business finances? So far I just use a plain excel worksheet (not much money coming in and out at the moment).

From doing some limited research I found the following...

Indinero: Outright: Freshbooks: Has anyone used this? What has your experience been?

Finance Business Bookkeeping

asked Aug 4 '11 at 03:26
Edgar Miranda
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  • Unfortunately none of those have one of the major things I like about - free. They have free trials or brain-dead versions, but they are not free. – Tim J 12 years ago

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I've found Xero to be excellent, but it may be that it has a more Australian/NZ/UK bias than you might like - well worth checking out; I have no financial qualifications, but with a little guidance from my accountant, I can handle most activities very easily. Billing via PDF over email is especially straightforward - handy if you're doing consulting work to support your start-up.

answered Aug 4 '11 at 18:03
Steve Wilkinson
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  • I'm on the same boat, I read a book or two on accounting but I'm planning to have my accountant look over my books and such and make sure I'm on the right path :) – Edgar Miranda 13 years ago
  • I just looked into Xero, it's exactly what I'm looking for! Unfortunately it does not accept my bank (Wells Fargo) in order to import all the transactions. – Edgar Miranda 13 years ago
  • I also use Xero and am very happy with it. – John Gb 12 years ago


Edgar I use: and

And those keep my life sane!
Waveaccounting imports all my bank and credit card data for reporting and taxes etc.

Freshbooks makes it easy to manage my accounts receivable and invoice.

Love it!

answered Sep 4 '11 at 05:09
Ryan Doom
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I'm using Freshbooks for my business and they've been pretty good. Invoicing is easy, clients are able to log in and view invoices, the interface is clean, quick and simple to use.

Have heard fantastic things about Xero as well.

My main gripe/pain point is probably the UK banking system. I'd like's ability to automagically download transactions. For now I have to do reconciliation fairly manually.

answered Aug 4 '11 at 23:06
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  • What do you mean by reconciliation? – Edgar Miranda 13 years ago
  • I check out Freshbooks, but it seems more targeted towards business who plan to consulate and bill clients. My business just makes mobile apps/games for ourselves, we have no clients. So the functionality of billing clients and making invoices doesn't really help in my situation. – Edgar Miranda 13 years ago
  • @Edgar - Just categorising the transactions (both outgoing and incoming) so you've got a good picture of where you actually are, vs where you're meant to be. – Davewasthere 13 years ago


QuickBooks online may be an option as well, but it's not free as well :(

answered Oct 26 '11 at 23:19
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