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I am currently in the middle of developing for mobile application and website.. Because my app/web are still in development period, I didn't register my mobile application in Google play or iPhone Apps store yet.

1) Is there a way to just register my mobile application name in Google Play or iPhone App store without releasing the app ?

2) Does filing trademark in protects my app name for registering in Google Play or iPhone App store ?


Iphone Trademark Android Mobile Apps

asked Jun 9 '12 at 09:47
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In iTunesConnect you can create your app, including name, and have something like 6 months to submit your first version binary. The name is 'reserved' for you in the mean time.

Applying for a trademark does not in any way 'reserve' your chosen name with any vendors.

answered Jun 9 '12 at 21:02
Nick Stevens
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1.) On Google Play, you can upload a binary to reserve your package name ( However, there is no way to reserve a name on Google Play. It's always possible for another developer to publish an app with exactly the same name.

2.) Filing a trademark does not reserve your name on Google Play. However, if you own a trademark & find a developer who is infringing on your intellectual property, you can submit a trademark infringement notice to Google who will generally take down the offending app if your complaint is found to have merit.

answered Jul 12 '12 at 09:06
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Iphone Trademark Android Mobile Apps