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There are more than 30000 page views per month to this site. Does anyone know how to generate revenue from it other than the 3rd party ads?
Please suggest other ways to generate revenue.

My site name is freefeast.info
In case you need to review it to give suggestions.

The revenue generated is really less through 3rd party ads. At least tell me a way to get clients interested in placing ads directly to my site with no middle men like Google ad sense.

Please post resources where i can get such people or resources.
Thanks in advance.
And yeah before downgrading this question just let me know. I am new to stack overflow.

Advertising Revenue Leads

asked Aug 13 '13 at 21:23
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Took a brief look at your page. Looks like you are in the publishing business and just providing articles versus a service. The main common revenue streams for your type of business are Ads support or Subscription payments. I strongly doubt anyone will pay to view the content which you have on your site right now. Looks like you are stuck with ads.

Thinking about ads, you can shop for different ad networks which might give you a bigger return. For example if adsense is not working for you, there are alternatives such as buysellads.com. You can get creative and sell your own ad inventory yourself, which seems again like a waste of time unless you are a huge site.

One other possible source of revenue is to do "featured reviews". At least you can get some vendors to send you products to review and you can keep them. Again all of this has been overdone on youtube, amazon and millions of blogs. So its really hard to differentiate yourself.

If your site is netting a profit, (meaning adsense is paying more than you spend to run the site). Consider spreading out instead of growing the one site. Say your site nets $50 month in ad revenue after all costs. You could potentially pollute the internet with 1000 sites like it and make yourself a really nice income. Key word "pollute"

answered Aug 17 '13 at 18:13
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  • Thanks a lot for the suggestions. But unfortunately adsense is not working on my site. Do you think i can get any featured articles... from any such kind of sites? – Masterbinoy 6 years ago

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Advertising Revenue Leads