Monetizing your website: how do you setup an affiliated vendor?


I have two websites that have to do with health. I originally made them just to practice SEO, and since now I am an SEO guru, they get lots of traffic.

The problem is that those sites only get monetized through ads, so the nice traffic I get is monetized pretty poorly.

Since the site has to do with health, I was thinking to sell some vitamins or something similar through an affiliate program.

My questions are:

- How much money should I expect to earn per lets say 10k unique visitors?

- What are some of the better affiliate programs for health products?

Monetization Affiliate Revenue

asked Sep 8 '11 at 02:49
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I would better say, serve them health products with deals to attract and convert them to a sale, completing the cycle of sale and earn your commission.

Also personal touch and letting your visitor interact with each other helps them to stick to the website they are visiting. They will listen to you and would be curious as they will feel that they are into something and have devoted their time mostly.

Example : this stackexchange network site.

They let user interact.
They let users to use exposure.

Also, one more idea, Click here
answered Sep 8 '11 at 05:34
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Your monetization depends on your skills, your relationship with your readers, the quality of the affiliate products you choose to promote, and your reputation and your own products you choose to sell. You could be looking at a couple dollars per 10k (maybe even nothing) all the way up to many thousands of dollars depending on how you do it.

As for affiliate programs for health products... That I cannot help you with. If I could, you'd be my competitor and I doubt I'd be giving away that kind of information without something in return.

answered Sep 8 '11 at 10:28
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