How much money could I make with the following website traffic stats (Adsense, ads)?


I am going to start up a website in the near future and I am aiming to receive at least 10,000 unique page views daily (hopefully up to 100,000 daily). From what I have researched, a CTR of 10% is completely possible, and a 5% CTR is even considered somewhat low, and 15%+ is considered higher than normal. I also researched that the most common amount of money Adsense users make per click is about $.25. Is that $.25 that the website owner gets or does Google still take half the profits? Basically, will you make 12.5 cents or 25 cents?

So, if I had a website that generated 10,000 unique page hits daily and I had a CTR of 10%, that's 1,000 clicks daily. And assuming that I make a full $.25 per click, does this mean that I would make $250 every day? I'm also considering gathering my own ads so that I do not work with Adsense and bring in 100% of the profits, so I could make $.50 per click instead of $.25 per click.

Now, assuming that I get 100,000 unique page hits per day and I have a 10% CTR, I would have 10,000 clicks per day at $.25 per click. This means that I'd make $2,500 DAILY?!?

Please correct me if I'm totally wrong-- I'm new to Adsense and website ad revenues. If I'm wrong, how much money would I make daily with 10,000 unique page views, 10% CTR, and $.25 per click? And the same except with 100,000 unique, daily views??

Thanks a ton!

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Adwords Advertising Website Money

asked Mar 21 '12 at 09:55
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Adwords Advertising Website Money