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I'm pretty new to twitter ( ). I'm hoping to build customer relationships, provide customer service, engage people with blog, and lead prospects towards our product (iPhone running app - ).

This is a tall order - especially in my "spare" time. I ran into someone who is terrific at twitter (warm, smart, etc) and she might help me out. How best to tie her in?

  1. I tried using company logo as
    twitter icon / incorporating into my
    pic. Both struck a wrong note - like
    talking to someone in a Pluto
    costume instead of a real person at
  2. While people understand
    I'm trying to launch an app, I've
    made real acquaintances online - I'm
    worried it would seem false to shift
    my twitter id to composite two
  3. I expect everything will
    go well, but I want her followers
    somewhat attached to the brand if
    she ever moves on.

My current thinking:

  1. she uses a related twitter id (@roadbuddha or @roadbub?)
  2. she uses her pic and name
  3. she links to the company website

Is this workable? Twitter still seems like a foreign language to me.

Marketing Employees Twitter

asked Feb 25 '10 at 00:25
Mike Schoeffler
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Well - it all depends on what you want out of twitter.

1) if you want a corporate presence, the ability to tweet out new posts, announcements, solicit feedback, field support etc. then make the rosebud account the mouthpiece. Fix up the twitter page to match your site branding. Let her run that account and create another personal one for you. Go through your followers, direct message those who are known friends and suggest that they follow you on your new personal account.

2) if you think all that seems too stuffy, then continue using rosebud as your personal account. Follow your current thinking & retweet corporate linked info between the two.

I've seen both approaches, so there doesn't seem to be a tried and true formula here.

I think twitter folks like to see some personality behind the tweets (ie. your run today was tough!) to show that you're one of them.. but some people take it too far.

answered Feb 25 '10 at 00:54
Jim Galley
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Mike, I think you are taking the right, authentic approach: companies don't tweet, people do. I don't think that Guy Kawasaki's approach of having near-invisible co-tweeters will work for anyone who doesn't already have a huge following.

For Startups, you are part of your product - share with people on Twitter the best you have to offer, and why this matters to you.

answered Feb 25 '10 at 05:29
Bob Walsh
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