Is it possible to raising funds from funding platforms before registering a company?


I'm trying to build an eCommerce company. Company registration is not yet completed, but is under process. Now I'm planning to raise capital to begin operations as soon as the company gets registered. Is it possible to begin raising funds from funding platforms before registering a company ?

Can anyone explain me what is the processes for raising funds from fundraising platforms like Fundable, Seedrs, CrowdCube, CrowdFunder etc. And how much equity I should offer for fundraising ?

Funding Venture Capital Fundraising Crowdfunding

asked Jun 26 '14 at 11:15
Sky Buzz
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To start off with, it depends which country you are registering the company in. If its in the US, then the only way you can give equity to someone is by having a corporation first.

That said, you can still start preparing all your creative assets and pitch in the meantime. There are lots of questions with great answers already on this topic. Take a look at the related sidebar.

Techniques for marketing a crowdfunding campaign

answered Jun 26 '14 at 12:09
Patricia Wright
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  • @Patricia Wright I'm registering my company with Indian Govt. – Sky Buzz 9 years ago
  • In that case do check with the platforms you mentioned first if they allow international businesses. Also, the pool of investors would get limited (only a small amount of investors tend to invest in companies outside the country they're in). – Patricia Wright 9 years ago
  • An alternative way you might want to look at is start the company with drop shipping merchants. That way you won't need much initial capital. Your only initial expenses would be creating the site (which you can create easily with an existing platform like Shopify or SquareSpace) and marketing. Investors would be more interested in investing once you have some revenues to show. – Patricia Wright 9 years ago
  • @Patricia Thank you for your suggestion, but in this field we have more competition here in India. Those who provides better service will survive here. I'm trying apply bottom-up (SE)approach in our business . For that we need more initial capital. I think crowdfunder supports international businesses. Check this Is an Indian company, but have branch in USA also. – Sky Buzz 9 years ago

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Funding Venture Capital Fundraising Crowdfunding