Can I publish my game in iTunes with a name different from that in my credit card?


I would like to purchase an iOS developer account from apple. My credit card name is: ABCD. And I am going to purchase the developer account with the same credit card as an Individual account(since there is no chance for me to register it as a company right now). And I know while publishing to the iTunes store, my apps will group under the name ABCD.

So, my question is:

Can I publish my game in iTunes with a name different (eg: CDEF ) from my credit card (ie.: ABCD )?

Please tell me any solution to do this, if any. Every suggestions are valuable.

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asked Nov 24 '13 at 01:42
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Yes. You can publish the game under a different 'brand' name than your credit card name.

We have a number of accounts under different brand names - which have nothing to do with our actual real names on credit cards.

answered Dec 3 '13 at 00:27
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  • Thanks for the suggestion. I am still confused. My name on card is `ABCD`. And you are saying I can add an another name (ie: `CDEF`) as developer name, right? So which name will be shown on iTunes, ABCD or CDEF? And If I am posting as CDEF, will I get the profit via my credit card with name `ABCD`? – Thampuran 7 years ago
  • As far as I know, the proceeds are credited to your bank account (not your credit card) - atleast in our case (or maybe we have set it up that ways). To answer your question, the name that will show up is: CDEF. The name that shows up has nothing to do with the credit card you used to pay the $99 fees. – Saurabhj 7 years ago
  • See this: The developer name is Toca Boca AB. I don't think the credit card has that name. – Saurabhj 7 years ago


This question would be best put to apple support!

Although, when I started my company, before I got my business account cards, I used my personal accounts, which were in my personal name rather than my trading as name, to buy/sell/rent services and never had an issue.

answered Nov 24 '13 at 11:08
Liam Dolman
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  • Thanks for the reply. But my question is: If I write my NickName, then will I get pay? – Thampuran 7 years ago
  • Your nickname would be listed as your company name and then your contact name would be listed as your actual name. I think they require your name to be your actual name for legal reasons; I.E Copyright Infringement. – Liam Dolman 7 years ago

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