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I'm starting a small business (just me, no employees) doing graphics that can be purchased digitally and/or the originals mailed, as well as live graphic recording and graphic facilitation, and possibly teaching, training, and consulting. I would like to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area, but not in the city or county I am in now and will move once financially possible. I also plan to travel a lot, since my business would not be tied to a physical place. How to I know which forms to fill out (or the location of business to put on them) if I don't have a physical place or even a permanent working space now?

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You have to know.

DBA's are administered by local governments (usually counties in the State of California ). Your DBA in one county is meaningless in another. You have to DBA in any county you're doing (physical) business at.

Business licenses are issued by cities, so if you have a fixed location for your business - you should apply for the license in the relevant town-hall.

Entities (LLC's/Corporations) are registered at the state level, with the Secretary of State (in California, each state has each own agency). They too require an address for the entity, but you can always update the address if it changes (or use a forwarding service/virtual office).

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