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I'm looking to improve conversion rates for my service by improving the tightening the messaging and copy. To achieve that, I want to improve the market segmentation as it'll ease the process of finding a better product messaging and produce better copy by targeting a
specific segment.

What eye-opening books or blogs on market segmentation would you recommend to someone who has no marketing experience coming from an engineering background?

Thanks in advance.

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asked Jan 9 '12 at 01:36
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First, I'd recommend you read Seth Godin's blog. He'll introduce you to thinking like a picky customer, amongst other invaluable insights.

Next, don't over-invest in learning marketing theory. You already have the right idea: different potential customers have different needs, and the more you're able to get specific, the more you'll pull the right people to and through your site.

So if you already have a customer base, use them to identify different types of user, different ways of engaging with your service and so on. Interact with them, find out how they think and talk. Ask your users questions. Then (or if you don't have users yet, first...) go look not for a book or blog on best practice, but out on the web for companies that are doing it. As an engineer, I'm guessing you'd rather not be taught principles of taking a blank sheet of paper and producing great copy, when it's far better to start with someone else's great work and freely adapt. You need to be a little creative, but Googling "Aromatherapy for Heating Engineers," "CRM for Auto Dealers," and the like will quickly bring you to good and bad examples of addressing distinctive audiences.

Your main choice is likely to be whether you use a single brand (with multiple landing pages), or whether you clone your own service. Each approach has its pros and cons, so choose what you're most comfortable with.

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Jeremy Parsons
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If you have no clue about marketing, I would strongly suggest reading "Marketing Warfare" by Al Ries, Jack Trout. While the book was published years ago, the philosophy of marketing is related to that of warfare (so the authors state and prove). Sadly, I couldn't find an ebook copy, but print is definitely still available.

It's a brilliant book and gives you great ideas on how you should start your business depending on your idea and the market you're catering to.

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Industrial market segmentation is a scheme for categorizing industrial and business customers to guide strategic and tactical decision-making, especially in sales and marketing. While government agencies and industry associations use standardized segmentation schemes for statistical surveys, most businesses create their own segmentation scheme to meet their particular needs.

answered Jan 23 '12 at 22:45
New Zealand Supermarket
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