How can I reduce the costs of deployment of my web application on the servers?


I am a Java Web Application Developer. I have an idea for a web application project that I am working on.

I personally believe that this web app has potential to become a widely popular website, (if everything goes right as conceived). It is a kind of social web application with users and their content. Currently I am working on it as a developer with two others in the project. The development costs has been 0(zero) uptil now since we are doing in-house development with open source technologies.

But the costs are now going to appear as we'll have to host our application online on the servers. Right now I see this as the major expense as we go live.

Are there any ways by which we can smartly deal with this hurdle ?
We want to minimize the costs as much as possible, or even better, if we can make this null, perhaps, through some partnership agreement with the hosting solutions provider!? Your opinions are highly solicited!!

Please enlighten me with your experiences and knowledge... Thank you so much, for your time !

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asked Mar 27 '11 at 04:25
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Instead of spending so much time on minimizing the cost of hosting, I believe you should focus on getting good revenue from the start. If you succeed in getting a high enough visitor volumne to require expensive hosting, then you should be able to get some revenue on these visitors, which at the very least cover the hosting costs.

If you ask a question about how to get revenue on such a service, I am sure people will help you with good ideas.

answered Mar 27 '11 at 05:09
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One thing you can do is change from Java to something like PHP. Hosting will become immediately cheaper as you will be eligible for all sorts of "basic plans" from different hosting providers.

You will also have just Apache server to worry about. Until you get 500+ uniques per day you likely won't have to pay more than $10/month which is pretty much nothing.

With something super simple like PHP you will also be able to worry less about server issues overall, not just costs...which ultimately will mean you can focus more on your actual product.

answered Mar 27 '11 at 06:32
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  • I am using Cassandra database thus I need some cloud or VPS like options, i think. Simple/Basic Hosting will not perhaps work for Cassandra – Aklin81 13 years ago
  • Unfortunately I am not too familiar with Cassandra. What languate/technology is it dependent on? – Genadinik 13 years ago
  • in my case I am using Java to communicate with it. But the point is that Cassandra is not included by default in any of the "basic plan" thus I will be anyhow forced to make use of VPS or cloud options only.. I guess most of basic plans offer php/mysql – Aklin81 13 years ago

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