Required meta skills for all entrepreneurs


What are the most important meta skills an entrepreneur should either have or develop to become more successful?

When I refer to meta skills, I am referring to skills that can help a person develop other skills more quickly. A person who possess the meta skills of being able to remember names and facts can uses those skills to become better salespersons, etc.

Entrepreneurs Success Learning Skill

asked Jan 22 '10 at 05:54
Barak Reeves
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I know it's obvious, but you should be fast learner, because otherwise it's just impossible to get out to the market and compete with the big guys. Especially in our business, where every day the ideas, tools, communication channels and virtually everything else is changing with enormous speed.

And the main obstacle to learn something is to think that you already know it. That's why you should develop this way of thinking that even if you learn something today, you should probably need to learn it again tomorrow.

My 2 cents.

answered Jan 22 '10 at 20:34
Krasimir Evtimov
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Not sure what you're hoping to get out of the question, but I would say being adaptable is a key attribute for any founder. One minute you're writing some code, the next you're presenting your vision to a prospect, five minutes later you're putting out the trash. Although it's unusual for a founder to be good at everything from the get-go, the willingness and the flexibility to switch contexts easily is a tremendous asset.

answered Jan 22 '10 at 18:30
Steve Wilkinson
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Intuition and the stamina to fail again and again.

answered Jan 22 '10 at 20:18
Thom Pete
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Entrepreneurs Success Learning Skill