Is revenue from "Exit Pop-ups" worth potentially annoying your visitors?


I am thinking about using an exit popup provider for users who are not logged in. So this would only apply for one-time lurkers who come from Google and leave.

Is the high CPMs exit popups offer worth doing?

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asked Mar 8 '14 at 14:27
Jasmin Bender
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Personally, I mentally blacklist any site which puts up interstitial or modal ads on entry or attempts to harass me upon leaving, the site.

The answer for you is going to be highly dependant on what kind of product you're selling and who to. You'd need to do a bunch of split testing to understand the impact, both generally and on users at specific points in their buying journey.

answered Mar 8 '14 at 15:21
Nick Stevens
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Figure out the effect that employing these has on your target market or ideal client.


  • Understand your ideal market. Will this annoy them? Is the potential revenue worth losing a large portion of users?
  • Does this align with your company mission? Does this fit in with the type of business you want to create? Is this how you want to make revenue?

Personally, I'm in the "no" camp. I find them irritating and I'm less likely to purchase from a site that uses them. My philosophy is that I want to build businesses that bring value rather than looking to scrape a few dollars off of every person I come in contact with. If someone came to my site once and they received even a tiny amount of value before leaving then I'm happy.

You call them one-time lurkers but I suspect you may be drawing inaccurate conclusions based on this type of behavior.

For example, I may find your site during my internet research and save it for later when I have more time to examine the offer. I may be willing to sign up when I come back. As I leave the site, I receive an annoying popup and that sours my initial impression of the site. I decide not to come back and subsequently delete the bookmark. You label me as a one-time lurker, collect a small amount of money for showing me the popup but miss a larger portion of revenue when I fail to become a client.

I would look for ways to strengthen your offer to possibly convert "lurkers" to customers the first time. Look for additional ways to add value to your offer. The offer may not be right for lurker but they may be willing to refer friends in the future.

answered Mar 8 '14 at 16:12
Lindsey Wilson
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