Which is the right way Technology Consulting or Technology Centric Consulting


I am a regular reader of this forum and am trying to clear my doubts before I actually dive in the real sea.
I am a hardcore developer working in a specific stream, web2.0. precisely on Rich Applications.
My problem is I am starting a consultancy firm where I will be the technical stakeholder, starting from 5% and increasing at max to 25% gradually. The stake increments are associated with the revenue generation from the firm. Where my main concern is, knowing I have no direct sales contact I have to rely on the other partner. Currently they are presenting the upcoming firm as a core technology specific company. I mean if I work in RoR, they want to create a consulting wing whose site will details anything or everything only in RoR, which is not what I think is correct. I feel it should detail business domains such as Finance,Insurance, Entertainment etc. and there I show my competency in RoR.

Please suggest if I am on the right way.
Selling a single technology is feasible or selling solution where the technology fits.

Marketing Sales Technology Consulting

asked Aug 14 '12 at 20:56
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I would say that when it comes to building things, yes it's better to cater the solution to the industry rather than to just build on jargon - especially when your compensation depends on sales you must remember the client doesn't give a crap about how you make the program - they just see the end result and its functionality.

Different languages have their merits of course, and as such the solutions you build off them might fare better in certain niches, but again - the client won't care. Just create a quality product and market the applicability to the target market.

answered Aug 15 '12 at 05:56
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  • This. Specifically the second paragraph. Sell the value of the product, not the technology that built it. – Nick Stevens 12 years ago

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