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The new version of my business website is about to release in coming weeks which mainly includes UI improvement and support for some advance features. Within that time period, I don’t want to contact bloggers, reviewers or participating in other social and community engagement activities until the improved website version goes public.

So in the meanwhile, what internet marketing and promotional techniques we can follow to keep the visitors traffic flowing?

I have basic plan ready for it but want to seek opinions from other SEO and internet marketing geeks to compare it with my plan and making sure that I have not missed any promotional techniques.

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asked Feb 22 '12 at 08:13
Usman Sarfraz
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  • Need some clarifications. You don't want to promote using social media but want to promote to keep traffic to the site, is there a certain segment of users you want (or don't want) to bring to the site? Also, do you want just traffic for visits/impressions or are you trying to get some conversions as well - registrations and/or subscriptions? – Webbie 12 years ago
  • We are offering a cloud based app for document conversion and for the time being, I am not running behind conversions because we are just a startup and staying in public beta. A massive promotional campaign shall be started when the new website UI will be launched. But for now, I am looking for user visits, registrations and subscriptions only. – Usman Sarfraz 12 years ago
  • @UsmanSarfraz in your profile it is written that you have great knowledge of SEM ,SEo and so present what techniques you have planed to use – Afnan Bashir 12 years ago
  • @Afnan, I have planned up the advanced SEO 2.0 strategies and techniques (competitive targeting, viral marketing, keywords targeting, feature by feature promotion, social networking activies, engaging bloggers & reviewers, blogs writing, article writing, PCC, AdWords, banner advertisements and other paid mechanisms) already, just waiting for the startup to get mature a little. – Usman Sarfraz 12 years ago
  • @Afnan (Continued): . The basic user-engagement plan I have set up, is to use directory submissions and posting product content on web 2.0 and startups specialized websites. This is somewhat controlled promotional plan. Put simply, I want to opt all the sensible marketing ways without getting engaged within the community. – Usman Sarfraz 12 years ago

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SEO is a big topic on its own and something that should be done on ongoing basis, regardless of what phase your business/product is in. Seeing results take time, so you can't really plan on getting SEO changes out in time for when you need/want traffic.

Run your site through SEO tools listed in this post and follow recommendations:
Looking for SEO testing tool On the marketing side, you have acquisition and retention type campaigns to consider and it sounds like you are focusing on getting new users to your site at the moment.

For getting new users/subscribers to the site use SEM and figure out your best performing keywords and ad variations. It will be helpful for you to see if users from SEM campaigns convert better after your UI and feature improvements are live.

Prepare some "win back" email campaigns listing all the improvements you have made for users who haven't come back to your site in a while after registering and those who have cancelled subscriptions in the past.

This is not all you could do, but SEM and email marketing are more targeted ways to reach your customers without increasing general awareness for your product in any unpredictable way.

answered Feb 22 '12 at 08:59
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