How do you start your cold call pitch? What has worked for you?


How do you start your cold call pitch? What has worked for you?

Do you go straight into the product asking if they're interested?
Do you get personal and ask them how they're doing.

Let me know what works for you!
I'm currently cold calling people and trying out different methods!

Thanks :)

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asked May 1 '11 at 10:27
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  • are these directed cold calls or random? Do you do any research before calling a number? – Justin C 13 years ago
  • No these cold calls are targeted towards people that I'm marketing to (my customers) – Andy 13 years ago

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Rapport I always start with building rapport first. Keep it light, no politics, and be careful even about sports. There is a reason "How about that weather" is a cliche, it works! If you know anything about the person you are calling, make sure to reference it. Give out semi personal information to build the relationship. My wife was dog-walker for a few years, and I would always reference that when talking about the weather. Then we would talk about their pets. People will talk about their pets with strangers, but children might get a little too personal.

Expectations Your should never try to close on your first call. Use it only to set up a meeting later on. The meeting could even be the same day, but letting them off the hook from the get go helps them trust you more. Starting off with

You don't have time now to talk right? How would this afternoon or tomorrow morning be better for you?
I always tried to give the prospect as many "outs" as possible. I would say things like "Oh well you probably don't have any problems with [common problem] do you?" Most will be honest if you have good rapport. Once you find the issue they are having, focus on it, and explore the issues they are facing, solutions they have tried, and what they are trying currently. Don't even mention your service until you have a good grasp on where they are now. Listen more than you talk.

Second Voice IF at any time, you feel like you just aren't clicking with a prospect, say

"Hey, you know, my [supervisor/copywriter/editor/manager] is right here, you wouldn't have a second to introduce yourself to him, would you?"
Having a second person take over a call can change a prospects view. Personalities don't always click, you may have said something totally innocuous that just didn't sit well. A different person might do the trick. Plus this wording strokes the prospects ego a bit.

Get Help I would reccomend looking up the "Sandler Training " or downloading some sales cds. Some of the techniques seem over the top, and they are, but they will give you confidence and skills to cold call effectively.
answered May 3 '11 at 04:19
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  • Thanks, but if you made the close on the first call "got them interested" what's the best way to keep in touch with them via email call them again? Should I ask them how their life is? Am I building relationships or making sure they want to be my customers? – Andy 13 years ago
  • Both. If you are able to close them on the first call, like if they say "Lets do this" go for it. The second call would be to up-sell or re-up the subscription/whatever. – Shaun 13 years ago


The best way to do cold calls is - NEVER.

I'm only half kidding. It just seems that there are so many ways to get referrals and leads that making cold calls is too 'low percentage'.

answered May 1 '11 at 13:09
Dave Feyereisen
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