Where do you start looking for the low hanging fruit for short term sales revenue?


I need to move my cash flow now but know my target customer is really a larger customer but sales cycle too long for now. How do I start with finding the low hanging fruit to get things going? Some people have mentioned to me to sell some services in the beginning my reputation and my company is not a know software development shop for projects. I wouldn't know where to start with that plus I am a biz dev entrepreneur not a teckie which I think we pose a problem in trying to do this. What do you think?

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asked Apr 24 '10 at 05:23
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Just because the target is a big sale doesn't mean that's how the sale cycle has to go.

At Smart Bear we often got 6-figure deals as a follow-on to a 5- or 4-figure deal. Start with a smaller pilot project that they have to pay for. That's easier to budget and less of a commitment.

Alternately, you might go for a large deal but explain that you're a small company who cannot afford to finance their installation time, up-front tech support, and custom requirements, and therefore you need to structure a monthly billing cycle, some money up-front, or a similar deal.

You could also offer a discount in exchange for money faster.

answered Apr 24 '10 at 07:41
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