How to start selling locally developed CMS and ecommerce system globally?


I have developed advanced CMS software with integrated ecommerce system for running large eshops and managing content on multiple websites. It has some really modern features it's all AJAX, desktop-like environment, flexible content editing, very robust eshop administration, etc... Technically speaking it has some state-of-the-art features.

Now I am based in the Czech Republic and I would like to start selling at the global market. The competion of all the CMS systems is so high, so I am asking for answer to this question:

How would you start selling "yet-another-CMS-system" regarding it has tens of features that even the best competitors don't have implemented ?

Due to high competition it is highly unlikeable to use SEO optimalization and get to SERPs any near to the first page. I am thinking about using AdWords at first, but I still thinks that for this product it will be just waste of money. Can you suggest me some ideas what would work best for marketing/selling my CMS on the global market ?

Marketing Strategy Selling Global Customers

asked Feb 5 '11 at 02:38
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My recommendation would be to select a few respected web developers in the areas you want to target. Send each of them a brief email message explaining the system and offer them the opportunity to be a referring partner.

answered Feb 5 '11 at 05:53
Brent Weber
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  • Thanks for a good idea, I think I will do that, probably giving them some test accounts to try it out and maybe write some review to their blog. Thanks. – Frodik 13 years ago


AdWords would be a good start, but don't forget Yahoo & Bing paid advertising either (MSN AdCenter) - cheaper traffic and higher conversions, but less volume.

Having a good affiliate program in place with a compelling offer for your affiliates (if you really want to grow, you could try something like 100% commission for the first month, if for example it was a recurring product) - a lot of people overlook the power of a strong affiliate program. Check what your competitors affiliate programs offer and do something much bigger in the beginning. Google around for people promoting your competitors (a quick search for the product name will do, dig around the top 10 pages for affiliates, i.e people promoting the software) and then try and contact them about your own affiliate program which offers better payouts. You can always lower the payouts once you've established yourself.

Out of interest, is the software live? I'm actually looking for some good eCommerce/CMS software right now. ;)

answered Feb 5 '11 at 10:51
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  • Thanks for idea about affiliates. I will probably try it, there is actually nothing to loose. However, first I will have to figure out actual global selling price for my product, but thats another story :-) And YES, the software is life, however it is all in Czech language right now. I am translating it to Engligh for my first international customer. So I will be able to give you access to English version in just about 3-4 weeks when I finish all the translations. Meanwhile, I will post some example Youtube video today, so you could see what type of features I am talking about. – Frodik 13 years ago

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Marketing Strategy Selling Global Customers