How to start a web development/design business without appearing too "corporate"?


These days, I've noticed that a lot of the one man (woman) shops all try to appear larger than life, i.e. go for a corporate look. I find that given how Social Media has progressed, this isn't a very smart strategy as, eventually, you will get called out... in my humble opinion.

So here's my question: I have a good number of skills, but I don't want to use my personal name/domain as my business. I want to start a company, but how do I portray myself as 1 - 2 person shop? For example, in the copywriting, do I say "WE offer design services" or "I offer design services"?

With "We", I fear that it's falling into the corporate appearance trap and with "I", my worry is that clients won't take me seriously enough.

Any thoughts? Can you show me links of companies that are run by 1 to 2 people but have crafted their services well? In other words, they look super professional (but not "IBM" type corporate), but at the same time, they offer a more personal level of service.

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asked Jan 7 '12 at 13:18
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