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Over the past few years I have gained a strong interest in Web Development and I finally decided it was time to take it to the next level... Start selling my services as a Web Developer. I am more into the Programming and Coding portion so I found a partner that picks up where I lack in the Web Design and Graphics part. We are both young yet and hope to build this into something in the future.

I am looking for advice from people that have the experience and knowledge to create a successful business.

Q: With a complete website and everything in place, what is the most efficient and cost effective way of advertising and promoting our website to gain a client base?

I greatly appreciate any advice and all constructive criticism! Thank You in advance :)

Advertising Business Plan Web Design Promotion

asked Aug 18 '13 at 01:57
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I have found that networking works better for me than anything. The website just gives my contacts a place to get my contact info and maybe remind them of they types of services available.

Some great places to start are:

  • LinkedIn, pretty obvious
  • Attend business mixers. They often cost $50-$100, but are packed with business professionals who either need help or know someone who does. Avoid computer related meetings. Instead, focus on small to medium size companies that don't have an IT department. There are lots of meetings for startups. They tend to have little money but can be very loyal to those that help. Meetings for more stable companies learning about marketing or expansion have worked better for me.
  • Donate a little time. More and more business assistance organizations are popping up. Offer to help people pick a host or set up WordPress or email for free. Do not make it about sales. They will always want more, and you can charge for that. This has worked very well for me.
  • Donate services to local charities. They have little funds and you won't get rich doing their work, but impress their board of directors who are almost certainly decision makers for local companies. Placing a link to the charities that you work with on your site will demonstrate that you run a caring company that others will want to work with.

Good luck.

answered Aug 27 '13 at 01:53
Alien Technology
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You don't really run a start up but a small freelancing business. It's important to know what business you're in.

The reality of your kind of freelancing is that it's based on word of mouth and referrals from past clients.

Your best bet is to find local clients by attending local events that give you opportunity to pitch your services face to face (like Alien Technology described in more detail) and then do such a good job that they'll refer you to people they know.

You can also try your luck being a provider at odesk etc., but it's a tough marketplace.

Finally, getting clients is only a small part of skills needed for being a successful freelancer.

There are many excellent books on the topic that you can google for. You can start with books mentioned in this post : "How to be a Rockstar Freelancer", "The Principles of Successful Freelancing", "The Unlimited Freelancer", "My So-Called Freelance Life", "Escape From Cubicle Nation".

answered Aug 27 '13 at 10:26
Krzysztof Kowalczyk
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