In a Tax form, what is a DBA?


I am filling up the $800 LLC annual tax form for California and I am not sure what to include in the DBA. I think it means "Doing Business As" but is that just the name of the company again?

Tax Business California

asked Oct 18 '13 at 03:47
Ayrton Senna
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If you don't have an alias for the company, just leave it empty. DBA is an "alias", for example you may have a couple of different activities each with its own name, under the same legal entity. You'd use DBA to have separate "street names" for each. DBA is registered per county in California, so if you never registered a DBA in your county - you don't have it.

As a side note - you're using a wrong form. For the annual $800 fee you should be using form 3522. You linked to form 3536, used for tax estimate payments. They look confusingly alike, but make sure you send out the correct one.

answered Oct 18 '13 at 03:56
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  • I actually had both the forms open and linked it to the wrong one by mistake. Thanks for the information! – Ayrton Senna 9 years ago
  • Sharp eye, @littleadv! – rbwhitaker 9 years ago

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