How do I turn a word doc into a polished looking guide / ebook?


I have a 20ish page guide in a word doc that I want laid out as a polished looking pdf, with a table of contents and nice headers /footers/ margins/ headings/ subheadings and fonts .

I want it look professional. The content may go through a couple changes down the road as well, so ideally, once I have some sort of template, I can easily change the text in it and re-pdf it.

Cheap outsourcing or free templates would be my favorite options. However I don't know the proper terminology to ask for or what type of templates I am looking for?

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asked Nov 14 '09 at 13:57
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As stated earlier, Word has some great templates to get you that polished look. You can then save to PDF using the PDF/XPS add-in. Download it here:

answered Nov 15 '09 at 05:22
Donn Felker
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Explore Word's built-in templates. Some of them are quite sophisticated and polished. I would do so before hiring a professional to do the same thing. Just apply good-looking templates to your document and see what comes out. You might be surprised with the result and you may save a lot of money.

As to the PDF conversion, Word 2007 does it I believe, if not you can you can use a free PDF printer driver (you print to it, and it saves it as a PDF document). I have used PrimoPDF for some time for this purpose and it works great. No advertisements or anything like that in it either. Get it at

answered Nov 15 '09 at 03:47
Gabriel Magana
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answered Nov 14 '09 at 18:19
Arpit Tambi
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  • Good link. It seems what I may want is to find someone with QuarkXpress or Adode InDesign experience to kick out a polished looking version for me. It doesn't seem like it would be worth my time to figure them out myself. – Adam 14 years ago
  • Yeah, good luck!! – Arpit Tambi 14 years ago

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