Unable to find right direction for generating revenue as Marketing Manager in a StartUp Mobile App Development Company


I have recently joined a newly established Android & iOS App Development Company. This StartUp was formed for creating apps for app stores but were unable to get the kind of revenue they were expecting by publishing apps.

They hired me as their Marketing Manager around two months back and now the revenue generation is totally my responsibility. I tried getting mobile app development work from freelance websites like oDesk and Elance, but since the Company is new with no portfolio or ratings on these websites, I am unable to get any work.

Also I'm having difficulties as to what kind of mobile apps should be developed for app stores to generate immediate revenue, if I am again recommend them to start publishing apps for app stores.

The pressure is getting higher day by day and would really appreciate if someone could help...

Thanks in advance

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asked Jan 24 '13 at 23:26
Muhammad Ejaz Malik
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  • Unclear: are you developing apps for other companies - or developing apps for your own use? Consider that "revenue.. expecting by publishing apps" and "work.. freelance sites like oDesk" are entirely two different models. – Jim Galley 11 years ago

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The get-rich-quick apps are a thing of the past. There's far too much competition in the marketplace and quality standards are significantly higher than they were a few years ago. It's still possible for a new company to release an app that achieves immediate success, but the odds are pretty slim.

There are lots of good books on the app marketplace and positioning. The basic advice from most of these is to:

  • Craft a polished interface and flawless user experience.
  • Find a development niche and do one thing really well.
  • Use your existing apps as cross promotion tools.
  • Focus on free apps with in-app content purchasing.
  • Release updates frequently so your app appears in the "new release" category.
  • Have a website, build a mailing list, run promotions, etc.

A start-up formed to "create apps for app stores" sounds awfully vague. The founders probably need to do a bit more marketing research on the current state of the industry before writing more code. Best of luck.

answered Jan 25 '13 at 00:36
Peter Stratton
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