Do you use a service for ensuring email deliverability (like Sendgrid, Postmark, etc.)? Why or why not? If so, what service?


Using an external service for delivering your emails can take a lot of load off your shoulders if deliverability is a must. Services like Sendgrid and Postmark have pre-configured, whitelisted servers so that your email ensures passage by spam sifters. However, such services are generally pretty expensive, too, especially if you are a high-volume sender.

Do you use an email deliverability service? If so, what service? Why or why not?

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asked May 16 '10 at 05:47
Mark Bao
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Having whitelisted servers is a minor plus, but why aren't your own servers whitelisted? In addition, isn't there a large chance that a servce sending emails for thousands of different compaies is going to attract a spammers?

Finally, whitelisting servers says nothing about your actual email content. Most spam filers look at the actual content of the message. If your content is considered bad, your email is spam no matter who sent it. Many spam filters these days consider any delivery URL to be spam, shich makes it a challenge to send software delivery emails.

We send our delivery emails from two independent email servers to ensure delivery.

answered May 16 '10 at 06:44
Gary E
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  • @Gary E: a) The merits of whitelisting are debatable, true. But you generally cannot whitelist your own servers. Large providers like Hotmail, Yahoo etc run "approved sender" programmes, but companies with smaller mail volumes and no deliverability staff generally can't join these. b) Regarding the deliverability company sending spam without knowing, that could of course happen. But their reputation and business depends on discovering this, and quickly kicking the spammer out for a Terms of Service violation. – Jesper Mortensen 14 years ago
  • It is quite possible to whitelist your own servers. I know many businesses that spend large amounts of time on this. I consider it a waste of time. You are much better off spending you time on controling the message you send out so the message itself does not qualify as spam. – Gary E 14 years ago

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Development Recommendations Email Deliverability Web App