How to do without a lawyer when launching your SaaS startup?


There are several things that are needed for a SaaS startup from a legal standpoint:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of service
  • Contracts

How can a bootstrap startup do these without spending money on a lawyer initially?

Privacy policy and terms of use might be something that a generic template can be used (or even copying a competitor's docs), but any advice on how to create contracts without a lawyer?

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asked Aug 29 '14 at 15:55
John Jackson
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For most startups, the initial focus is make value for your users. So time, energy and money spent on legals is not exactly wasted, but not exactly critical either.

The leading options I've seen are:

  1. Go to startup friendly lawyers, say exactly what you need (by showing specimen documents from other sites), and how much you're willing to pay until one agrees
  2. Use a service that builds your agreement from generic, lawyer-drafted templates
  3. Copy
  4. Write in simple English what you mean

There comes a time when you will need more. But for now, spend a few minutes picking your option, and a couple of hours at most putting it in place.

answered Aug 30 '14 at 06:46
Jeremy Parsons
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