How to write introduction document of a company and an app?


I am an indie developer who works on android applications currently. One of the big OEMs wants to cooperation with me on my most popular app. They requested me to share an introduction document of my company and my application, however i don't have neither one. Also i don't know how to write an introduction document for my "company" or for my app. Can anyone please show me right direction so i can dig up from there?

Legal Documents Mobile Apps Introduction

asked Aug 21 '12 at 04:02
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The good advice here is to copy this information ( i mean get ideas ) from other apps and companies who build apps. the company information is on the about us section, and the app information is really what you see before you buy an app.

As a developer remember they dont care much about the technical nonsense at this point. THey dont care if you are using MVC MVVM, rails, cocoa, or whatever. THey want information they can use to market you the developer and the app.

You - Talented, dedicated, cutting edge, bla bla bla
App - Makes toast, slices butter, saves you 10% of your time, and tells you how sexy you are.

They want to know about the sizzle so they can sell it.

answered Aug 7 '13 at 15:05
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Legal Documents Mobile Apps Introduction