How to write a ton of content on a limited budget?


We have a unique problem we're trying to solve: we need to write 15K pages of content on a specific niche and don't have enough of a budget to hire writers on sites like ODesk and TextBroker.

The content we want to "write" is already available, the goal is to "rewrite" that content so it's unique. This might seem blackhat, but it's not (can't fully explain without giving away our client's identity).

Are there any low cost ways to get content re-written?

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asked Jul 5 '14 at 14:42
Thomas Hunt
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There are a few options you can explore depending what colored hat you want to wear.

White hat:

  • Hire college interns that mainly interested in getting college credits. You can use a service like Copyscape to ensure the written content doesn't plagiarize someone else's content.

Black hat:

  • Use a content spinner so that the "spun" content appears unique. You can then use outsourced talent or college interns to fix grammatical errors that arise from the spinning. Only do this if the original content is in the public domain. Otherwise it would pretty much be stealing.
answered Jul 7 '14 at 19:05
Chrissie Gray
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