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Why does Wordpress have such a strong-hold on CMS marketshare?

Customizing Wordpress (apart from using themes) is very hard and it's all a bunch of spaghetti PHP code. Yet their marketshare keeps increasing over the years.Why hasn't another CMS platform that...

asked Jun 21 '15 at 13:58
Chris Jenkins
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When should you think about translating your app into other languages for global market reach?

Almost all of the SaaS web apps here in the United States are only offered in the English language. Are startups missing out on global marketshare by not providing their apps in different...

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Why did Richard Branson's Virgin Cola fail to compete with Coke or Pepsi?

Given that Virgin is an already established brand and they know how to market, why did they fail to grab market share from Coke and Pepsi?