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My understanding is that you can get paid per thousand views of YouTube videos. My understanding is that you get something slightly different with ad sense, where you get a cut of number of click on the ads.

My question is has anyone experiment with this to see which they make more money from? If so, is it better to try to keep people's attention through a YouTube channel, or is it better to embed the videos in your webpage and try to get revenue off the website traffic?

My understanding may be off too, so I'm open for corrections. But I assume that youtube video views through your webpage don't count towards the counts per thousand right? I assume those views have to relate to the videos on the right?

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asked Oct 14 '13 at 00:44
James Oravec
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Try both

Monitor the revenue for your target period on YouTube, I'd use a quarter

Do the same on your site, Google Analytics is your friend :)

Also I'm not sure how that works with recommendations, if the embedded views count the same as views on Youtube site.

Don't forget there is nothing stopping you from promoting on Youtube and your site together. Just make sure it's within Google Terms. Email AdSense they are usually friendly and quick to respond. If it's against the terms, run on Youtube and use a different network on the site

answered Oct 15 '13 at 00:49
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