Common ways to advertise music?


What are some common ways that record labels advertise music?

Advertising Music

asked Jul 25 '11 at 09:02
Edward Black
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  • The most common way to advertise music is to get it played... in clubs, on the radio, and at concerts. – Joel Spolsky 12 years ago

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The year I spent in a band we were able to get our songs visable and and used in independant / uni films. The goal was from there to build it up so that the profile got out futher.

... then it was generally agreed that as far as rock star goes, I make a far better programmer/entrepreneur :)

Wish I could help more, I think its a question generally for your industry at the moment.

Few ideas I have had while writing this:

  • Have the "Labels" website with all bands ... goal is got drive qualified and interested traffic here ... typically 3-5% of this traffic will purchase in any given timeframe.
  • Start an online radio station of the bands you are promoting on your site. Have cross over links to other labels and give them some juice as well ... they will likely mention you in return.
  • Identifying the top 10 or so sites that promote music (myspace, etc) and becoming active on them every day or so posting a few things up there about each label, engaging potentially interested people and drawing them back into your primary sites.

Once you have a bit of practice at it you could outsource parts of that work to a VA fairly easily ...

BUT, becareful, what I have outlined above done well works ... if you a genuine ... if its not done well it falls under the catagory of SPAM / junk and will more likely hurt your brand and your bands.

Thats about all I have, look forward to seeing what others think.

answered Jul 25 '11 at 11:42
Robin Vessey
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Here are a few things you could do:

  1. Create a program and generate content. My friend Amy wrote an entire program for Clear Channel Radio called, The Movement
  2. Do free shows at local cafes, bars, and lounges and post the video on Youtube. If its good it'll go viral.
  3. Subscribe to Taxi which will give you a list of movies, tv shows, and established artist looking for specific genres of music. You can submit one of your songs if it fits.

The music industry is ALL-KINDS of competitive so you'll ready need to be creative. On the flip side, social media gives everyone a platform to audition. Good music marketed to the right target audience always sells. Stay Encouraged!

Good Luck.

answered Jul 26 '11 at 05:48
Rayce Rollins
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