Creating a simple database environment in WordPress?


I have .csv file of store names/addresses/phone numbers that I want to convert into a database. Somewhere down the line this database will be large/elaborate (imagine entries similar to Yelp), but for now I want (at a minimum) to allow users to sort and search the names. Bonus if I can easily set up the search to work off of zipcodes; thriple bonus if each entry could contain store descriptions. But I am thinking in MVP mode, so I'll take what I can get.

Finally, all of this needs to exist in the WordPress environment. Any suggestions or ideas would be invaluable, even if it's to tell me that I'm nuts to think such a thing is possible.

Database Wordpress

asked Feb 16 '10 at 07:27
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You can try CSV Importer plugin to get the data into wordpress.

answered Feb 16 '10 at 07:42
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  • Thanks. Definitely useful. I know we'll need to import/build tables, but was wondering if there was any other plugins or programs that might be useful. Have found a lot that are based around ecommerce, but I'm not looking to sell products... I want to list and detail the stores. Still, they may be useful/adaptable. – Aae 14 years ago


Sounds like you want a store list application for wordpress.

Did you take a look at this one?

answered Feb 16 '10 at 10:07
Jim Galley
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  • That's not entirely it... but that is a great feature I'd want to use. Thank you! – Aae 14 years ago

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