Different ways to market my consulting firm in India


I am just into consulting (IT/ITES). Here the consulting means narrow downing the bridge between Job seekers and the Employers. The business is to get profile from the employer and find the equivalent Job seeker and arrange interview and vice versa too.

What are the different ways to reach Job Seekers and the Employers? I am in India.

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Sri, My friend faced similar issue and finally came up with marketing plans.

  1. Let people know about your company. (Branding & Marketing)
  2. Small & Regular advertisements in newspapers.
  3. Search employers from job portals like timesjob.com and contact them with your services
  4. Provide money back guarantee/replacement of candidate.
  5. Network Network Network with HR of companies.

Make sure you have enough money before marketing and patience is a key.

answered Oct 16 '10 at 18:21
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In the states the consulting firms that are not selling through the internet position themselves through sales people:

  • Recruiter They having a recruiter that goes through job databases and contacts to reach out to potential consultants.
  • Business Representative / Sales They build relationships with the firms with a target price, get firms to sign on and let the recruiter know what skill sets they are looking for, education, experience etc.. Both positions normally receive commissions with the lions share going to the Business Representative. So start the firm out by first getting business to sign on and then get people. Hope that's what your looking for.
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    John Bogrand
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    I assume you are looking to connect startups with people who want to work for startups :).

    First look for jobs on various starup boards, for a start try venturewoods.org/index.php/venturejobs/ and http://www.pluggd.in/. Also network , there are a lot of events to take part in, some cities also have regular meetups.

    After a while you should have a good database of people who are looking for a job and who want employees. Then you should be able to connect the employees to the employers.

    Also get a website :-).

    Best of luck.

    answered Sep 23 '10 at 14:00
    Ravi Vyas
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