Finding Investors/partners to fulfill the following needs


You've probably heard this before, but I came up with the idea for great product and I developed it. I measured the demand for it personally, by demonstrating it to the target audience and got a fantastic response. The idea is a custom IT solution offered as an SaaS. Competition is relatively low.

I am currently a one person company (LLC). I am trying to get this business off the ground by starting to sell the product and generate some revenue. I have very limited business experience to make the company grow on the scale that I believe it can, so I thought to partner with an investor/ business partner to help me solve the following problems and make the company grow:

  • Patents, copyright, attorney expenses
  • Advertising - Internet and other
  • Sales Management - requires a team of sales associates to go and sell the product at different conferences

What I do:

  • Manage the technology / intellectual side of things, development, improvements, support, 'coding' and delivery of the service
Is this a realistic set up? More importantly, how do start ups find investors/partners?

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asked Mar 16 '13 at 02:03
Mi Gusta
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  • do you know what angel investors are? If you have a great product that people love then just present your ideas to investors. – Yodasoda 11 years ago
  • Yes I know what angel investors are, but don't know how start ups typically get the opportunity to present their product to investors? – Mi Gusta 11 years ago

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My thoughts:

a) "by demonstrating it to the target audience and got a fantastic response"

Don't confuse response with a will to pay some money.
I would recommend to start selling your product and get at least some traction.
It's quite common that people say that they LOVE your product, but they don't want to part with their money.

b) If you are looking for partner, take a look at these couple of sites: (This one is current down for unknown to me reason) b) As yodasoda pointed out, you may be interested to talk to angel investors to get your startup off the ground (if it's more capital/effort intensive than you can handle)

c) "Is this a realistic set up?"

Absolutely. It's quite common separation of roles - one founder takes care of business side and another about technical side.

answered Mar 17 '13 at 03:24
Victor Ronin
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  • Thanks for the reply. Would an angel investor be appropriate to fulfil this need, or am I looking for a 'partner' ? – Mi Gusta 11 years ago
  • Most of the times angels provide money and some guidance. Quite rarely they participate in day-to-day statup management. So, finding partner and finding angel investors are too separate things. – Victor Ronin 11 years ago

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