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I want to start up a frozen homemade food business. The food/meal should be just like we make at home. The sale will be like membership on the website. For example someone will buy dinner for 1 month/1 week, decide the time of delivery and during that time he/she will get dinner at that time. Target group is university students, singles, may be even who don't want to cook something that day. Besides these I want foods fresh not to stay in deep-freezer for days or weeks. Then there won't be stock and consumer can only buy something at least 1/2 day/s ago.

There are some frozen food companies but they use sterilization or pasteurization methods. I want to cook and froze the meal. Is there any problem about this? Is it unhealthy? Is the membership system okay and the most important thing how can I reach the target group effectively and cheaply? Are there any advices/good tips about this project?

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asked Mar 24 '12 at 20:00
Ela Oktay
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Ela, you don't tell us what country you will be doing business in. Obviously the food laws and regulations vary from country to country; the US would be much different from Bhutan for example.

As for sterilization, pasteurization etc you should be able to find out the specific requirements in your country by asking the relevant authorities. In the United States foods shipped in interstate commerce (across state lines) are regulated at the federal level and you may want to checkout this website. States also have regulations which you need to follow as well as licensing requirements. Checking with a local university that has a food science or agricultural department should get you lots of good information.

You don't state how you will deliver the frozen meals, clearly they will need to stay frozen in transit so you may want to give this some thought.

As for marketing, you can build a website, have a Facebook page etc which are all good. Starting out you may want to simply target university students by posting ads on the bulletin boards at some local colleges and universities. This should be cheap and easy. Also consider putting ads in the school newspapers.

Once you get going and have income coming in you can expand your marketing efforts.

As for the membership system, this sounds much like the system used by food co-ops which has proven to work. It may or may not be the best method but it should be OK.

answered Mar 25 '12 at 00:17
Jonny Boats
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  • I will do it in Turkey and at the beginning just for one city, Ankara (capital). In fact I don't use such methods like sterilization because I really want to people feel it is real meal. So I need a kitchen :) But not know anything about the success it is very very risky to set a kitchen. May be I can get some help from a local catering company. About the delivery for now I can't decide anything but as said before it will be for one city. – Ela Oktay 10 years ago

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