How do you get sophisticated feedback at each development milestone. Do you use a peer group?


Looking for a place/process to co-audit recent work. Like I just created or updated this certain feature on my website in the last 2 weeks, and I'd like to do walk-throughs or get reviews with fellow entrepreneurs/designers.

I envision a phone/conf call, a real get together, or a tight online group where you give eachother feedback on specific problem of the month. The feedback includes a range of perspectives so we would discuss why is signup required, the fields dont make sense to me, why did I get this error when I tried it on IE, I had no idea you could click that, etc.

These don't seem to work for this need
- A local 1hr a month startup meetup
- Some website where you submit a screenshot/url, and hope for good feedback?
- A bunch of mturk reviewers who give you weak feedback.
- Feedback forms on your website.
- An outsourced QA/Usability firm that is costly but provides full reports.

I've never participated in a mastermind group. Maybe that is the answer. Or maybe I need to just manually rotate through my peers/friends and bother them at each development milestone. In an ideal situation, the people have some background about eachother's business, so that the discussion is deep and built upon prior support.

What works for you?

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asked Sep 30 '13 at 00:39
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There are a couple of different ways of getting this feedback:

  1. A 'mastermind' group is good. However, you may find that questions like this are a little too tactical and specialized to interest everyone. Often such a group focuses more on personal issues and things like 'how do I inspire my team' rather than 'what about this feature'. If you can create this group, though, more power to you: do it.\
  2. There are online tools you can use to set up and manage this peer group. I make one of them. There are others.
  3. The best feedback, in some ways, comes from your customer. Want to know if a certain feature is working or interesting? Ask your customers. And watch what they do by tracking their usage of various parts of the site.
answered Sep 30 '13 at 07:04
Kamal Hassan
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