Legal constraints, responsibilities, and documentation required for prize based promotions


I'd like to run a prize based promotion in the USA -- and looking for suggestions on legal constraints, responsibilities, and documentation required to execute one.

Yes, I know there are lots of rules, and they vary based on where the person enters the promotion, and if selected, where they receive the prize -- BUT someone's got to have some experience and/or suggestions to get me rolling in the right direction.

Legal USA Promotion Legal Documents

asked Jun 3 '11 at 10:06
Blunders .
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I don't have any experience about the US view, but you might take a look at the rules for things like raffles to see if that helps.

As you say, it varies from state-to-state. That first link has a list for most states, though. For example, Connecticut's link takes you here.

answered Jun 3 '11 at 10:42
Peter K.
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  • +1 @Peter K: Are raffles the same as no-entry-fee/no-purchase-required promotions? Seems like raffles have a little more issues in terms of consumer fraud; though, clearly might me wrong too. Thanks for posting, great answer. – Blunders . 13 years ago
  • Appears that no-entry-fee/no-purchase-required promotions, and those that require a two-way exchange of some type including, but not limited to paying to enter, are often lumped together when manage by their legal authorities; meaning that if someone contacts one of the [agencies you linked to on a state by state basis](, they'll be able to tell you which agencies within the state have oversights related to the promotion. – Blunders . 13 years ago
  • @blunders: Good info, thanks! – Peter K. 13 years ago

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Legal USA Promotion Legal Documents