What are the required licenses for an e-commerce website branch?


I am planning to start a branch of my friend's e-commerce website (based in India). I am a USA green card holder, and I want to open a branch in Chicago so that I can trade all across the US. Can someone please tell me what licenses I would need?

Ecommerce License Startup Costs Website USA

asked Jul 20 '13 at 09:32
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Well first of all, why are you starting a branch to trade across US. His main site can do that, are referring more to operating a part of his business in the US, i.e. shipping, etc

Basically what you would require licensing wise is

A. Business Registration with the state - LLc, corp, etc Pick a state friendly with their tax laws for your business

B. Tax Registration - Federal and State. EIN Number which Federal Gov will give you will need to be used on ALL business accounts.

Beyond that you should be good. If you open warehouses, manufacturing facilities, sell certain products, etc there may be more, but the 2 above are basics for every business.

If you go to corporate affairs page of your state government they will likely have info specific to the state which will help

answered Oct 13 '13 at 09:42
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Ecommerce License Startup Costs Website USA