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Is it possible to estimate the cost of acquiring 1 million users for an app similar to tweetdeck, but with different, unique features?

Thank you in advance.
Awni H.

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asked Sep 6 '11 at 00:02
Awni Hussein
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This question is missing lots of details related to your market without which it's difficult to answer reasonably. Before coming to an estimate of amount of expenditure on marketing, you need to think about the way(s) of marketing that you're going use.

Otherwise, you can spend a million bucks and still go nowhere and on the other extreme, can acquire those many users (1m) without spending a significant amount on marketing.

Take a look on this canon question:

How Do I Promote My Business

answered Sep 6 '11 at 05:12
Atul Goyal
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  • Thanks, this looks useful :) – Awni Hussein 12 years ago
  • awni do you try to estimate before you build it? like checking the market? – Meir 12 years ago
  • Yes @Meir, sorry for the late reply, but I was not receiving notification emails and assumed there were no answers. – Awni Hussein 12 years ago
  • can you please share with me how do you do it? – Meir 12 years ago

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Marketing Social Media Twitter Twitter Apps Mobile Apps