How to monetize a low budget film?


Apart from ticket sales, what are all the possible ways one could monetize a low budget film / documentary? Options for indie film-makers are limited because there isn't a large production house promoting your work.

Sales Monetization Budget Videos Film

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Armando Ridinger
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BrightJourney's more focused on tech startups, so I'm sure you can find more in-depth answers in indie film communities online. But I do know that alternate distribution channels for film and web video are being worked on by a lot of people.

The traditional route is to submit to festivals, and hope to catch the eye of a distributor. Another route is to build your audience, and sell the films directly to consumers / sell merchandise / receive patronage through platforms like Kickstarter or Patreon.

And now there are marketplaces specifically for indie film where consumers either purchase individual films, pay for a membership, or have to watch ads, and the site pays filmmakers a percentage of profits according to their films' number of purchases or number of views. Marketplaces like:

And of course, there are the major digital media marketplaces. Netflix, Amazon, iTunes. There are companies like that are offering a streamlined way to get included -- I have no idea what the revenue you'd make is like so I don't know how worth it those fees are. You can also take a look at submitting directly, where they have information available:

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Jay Neely
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Sales Monetization Budget Videos Film