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I've started a company approximately 2 years ago that provides monitoring services for a niche cloud-based industry. My target customer base are IT and Development shops of various companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500's.

The product, has been doing well: we have a decent feature set, there is traction with the customers and good amount of recognition in the industry. Efforts to expose the product to the industry, have been handled solely by me from the start. I am looking to delegate this role and want to hire an expert, a firm, contractor, someone to help with the following tasks:

  • Contact relevant industry experts and bloggers with
    invites/incentives to write/promote about the product
  • Compose and publish press-releases
  • Suggest and execute a marketing and an advertising strategy
  • Keep an eye on social media/blogosphere with respect to issues that relate to the product/industry
  • Etc.

My questions are:
Is there a position name that closely resembles the needs outlined? If I am hiring someone, I need to know what to call them. Is this a marketing expert? A product promoter of some sort?
Do you suggest that I hire a firm or an independent contractor? What things/skills/etc. should I look for?


Marketing Hiring Advertising Promotion

asked Dec 6 '12 at 09:05
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  • You're looking for a PR person (or a PR firm). – Frenchie 10 years ago

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  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Director
  • VP of Marketing
  • Marketing Department
  • Marketing Intern.

Would all fit the description depending on the level of direction and responsibility. But, that all sounds like marketing/advertising to me.

Should you hire or contract it out depends on how much YOU understand what and how it should be done. If you don't know, then it would be hard for you to interview someone and hire them, and also make sure they are doing a good job.

You would have more confidence in an advertising or marketing agency that has a good track record, references, testimonials and knows what needs to be done.

If you understand the elements you outline and can oversee that someone is approaching it correctly and give them some direction when needed then you can probably hire someone.

answered Dec 6 '12 at 14:47
Ryan Doom
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Increasing traffic / potential customers to your site is one thing - but not the first step. Do you have a good handle on your funnel / conversions? What is your cohort analysis? Have you done a/b testing on your CTA (call to action)? How much customer development have you done to validate your price points / target markets?

A quick look at your website would lead me to believe that some focus on that would be helpful prior to ramping up your inbound campaign.

Who does this sort of work? Some would say that you (CEO) would. Others would push it to a generic "marketing" term. Others customer development. Or Conversion specialists.

Whatever you call it, it's someone who makes the company money. Find someone who understands your space, your customer needs, and can work with you to define real metrics, and then call her / him whatever you want. ;)

Good luck.

answered Jan 6 '13 at 06:14
Jim Galley
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