Need simple pre-launch website to attract mgmt. team, investors, and co-marketing alliances


I am looking for a simple website solution for my pre-launch (and pre-funding) start-up to do the following:

  • Introduce the business without totally giving the concept away.
  • Have a web address as a conversation follow-up to provide people interested in learning more.
  • Provide information on available sweat-equity positions on the management team and advisory board along with links to request more information.
  • Identify benefits of becoming a member and additional benefits of becoming a pre-release member. (Same for marketing alliances.)
  • Request investors (although a response is even less likely than a response to the request for sweat-equity positions).
  • Collect e-mail addresses. (Possibly include an optional survey/poll.)
  • Include a suggestion box in case someone wants to suggest a similar website, suggest a marketing opportunity, etc.

My time and money are already spread thin, and I figure that these needs are common to start-ups. Any good templates out there or existing sites that I point a developer to and say make it look like that?

Marketing Advisors Equity Website Investors

asked Jun 15 '11 at 00:16
C. Scott
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2 Answers


Take a look at ThemeForest and similar sites for professional-looking off-the-shelf website themes. You can find something suitable for about $15 - $20. Just add content.

answered Jun 15 '11 at 01:16
Dan Dyer
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  • I second Themeforest. They not only have Wordpress themes, but also sell landing pages and coming soon pages for this very thing. – Digital Sea 13 years ago


Wordpress with a free theme. Many hosting companies have a one-click installation for this, making it really easy to get the site up and running quickly at the cost of hosting. Or you could set it up yourself in an hour or so, and then you just need to add content.

There are many plugins that would assist in doing things like collecting email addresses or a suggestion box, such as Contact 7, and they are really simple to add to the site.

answered Jun 15 '11 at 03:03
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Marketing Advisors Equity Website Investors