Should a non-techie professional start a website without a techie partner?


I am a non-IT/techie professional and have created a website through a web designing firm. Although, I have learned about various aspects of designing and running a website through reading, I am no IT expert. As a result, I wanted to ask this forum if you think it is a good idea to start such a venture without a partner, who is a techie. Do you think I will be able to run and improve my website without a techie partner? Or can I manage it effectively by hiring a techie as an employee? What are your thoughts on this?

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asked Mar 19 '10 at 01:18
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  • I just have a review website. But I feel that I may need more technical advice as I decide to offer more to users. I somehow feel that having someone with technical knowledge on-board will help me in the right decision around technology. Do you think one can get similar leverage through employees? – Joydeep 14 years ago
  • Do you know if the review site is based on an existing review website system that the firm customized for you, or is it something that they built for you from scratch? – Jacob 14 years ago
  • It is a Joomla site. We bought a website system that was customized by the web designer – Joydeep 14 years ago

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A site that is primarily dependent on content can get away with less technical skill except if you need to optimize for high-volume. If you have some unique functionality like integrating with the user's webcam and being able to detect if the person is crying, you may want to get some technical expertise right from the start.

Assuming the same technical expertise, and employee can offer just as much technical knowledge. The problem may be their advice is not aligned with your business model or they are not going to put in the same energy and effort. You'll have to take more responsibility in the management of an employee. You're probably not going to let them make the tough decisions.

answered Mar 19 '10 at 01:25
Jeff O
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  • +1 for cry detection – Greg Belote 14 years ago


It depends on what kind of website it is. If it is just a simple website that is used to promote your product/service or a content driven site you will probably be just fine without a tech partner. If it is a more complex website and your business revolves around the website (e.g. Facebook/Reddit) then you should probably have someone around who can maintain/change it.

Since this is a Joomla site I don't think it is vital for you to have a tech co-founder. While I haven't used Joomla myself, I believe it is actually designed for situations just like this. It allows a "non-tech person" to manage a website once it has been set up. Also, it seems that the biggest technology decisions have already been made. Joomla is popular, and from what I have seen is designed to be quite modular. You should be able to easily add new features either with employees or by hiring contractors.

answered Mar 19 '10 at 01:34
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I am a freelancer who have started couple of software companies which didn't do that well and have 10+ years of experience in software development/leadership. I am based near San Francisco. I take 3-4 clients a year since I do not need much too survive at this point. The companies I take are in your situation where I play the CTO/tech lead role without equity but cash.

answered May 9 '11 at 10:49
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You don't need a 'techie partner' to succeed with your online business or website. Actually when I first decided to get into the Internet business, I had no idea where to start or what the business was going to entail or require.

I had no training, experience nor knowledge in HTML, CSS, or Java script at all. I had no idea of how to build a professional looking website, without being a professional web designer/programmer.

answered Dec 24 '11 at 11:53
Tryphena MarĂ­a
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Be a subject matter expert in what your site does. Be an expert in your the market. Be an expert on how your audience uses your site. Be an expert on the business. Be an expert on promoting your site. I could obviously go on and on. Point being, it's not likely a single person will be all of the above. If you are an expert in those areas, or at least work hard to keep improving your expertise, then you can use another resource for the technical skills needed.

answered Mar 19 '10 at 07:11
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You don't need to have a "techie" partner to achieve success in your business and/or website. You do need the technical expertise, and you can obtain it by hiring part-time or full-time help, depending on your needs.

What matters is that you have the help and expertise available to you, it doesn't have to be in the form of a partner, unless you want to.

Good luck!

answered Mar 19 '10 at 12:50
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