One-day-access trial pricing plan


I have a Japanese learning community website...

Currently there are three main plans...

Free: Access some of the content (some 20 lessons, a few cheat sheets, etc.), for free, forever. This is basically the trial version of the site.

Monthly: Pay 9.99 per month and get access to all premium features (all lessons, worksheets, desktop and mobile apps & games, etc.)

Forever: Pay $149 once, and have access to all the premium features forever.

While the Free plan works fine to preview most of the online content, I've got several e-mails from users who would like to try the desktop & mobile apps before making the jump.

I am already working trial versions of these apps, making some of the features accessible to Free account owners, however, I've also had the idea of offering a new One-day-access plan for $0.99 or $1.99 or so...

What do you think? Would such a plan be a good idea? Would it increase conversions, or on the contrary promote users to pay for the one-day plan and download all the lessons and cheat sheets they can before it expires?

I wonder why there are so few online start-ups offering one-day-access plans... If you have some prominent examples, I would definitely like to check them out.


Pricing Website Trial Plan

asked Jan 20 '11 at 02:25
Philip Seifi
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I think you should consider offering a one day pass for free. People tend to be very relucant to pay for something they can't see. If they can see your product for a day, and see the value of the product, they will be that much more willing to pay.

A lot of companies use this strategy, and ask for the user's creditcard information up front. They can cancel before they are charged, but a high percentage either forget to or don't bother. Not the most honest approach, and I'm not recommending it, but it works.

answered May 9 '11 at 03:55
Brad Pineau
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Pricing Website Trial Plan