My one-man startup has been invited in a startup showcase event of a prestigious university. How to go about it?


It seems, my one-man startup has been doing well, and has been noticed by a prestigious university. They recently sent me a letter inviting me to their annual Technology-
Management Fest, where they would like me to promote and showcase my startup along with other leading startups of my country.

Now, this has made very nervous. I do not think they know that my startup is a one-man enterprise as of now. In the website and emails, I use "we" and not "I" to represent the startup. Its just that, I am feeling a bit awkward, and I am unsure how people will react. My question is how should I go about it? Should I attend the fest?

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asked Aug 2 '12 at 03:13
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Congrats on the invite.. I'm also in the "definitely attend" camp.

Regarding "how to go about it" - check with the event coordinator and figure out what type of audience attends / has attended these events. Is it students wanting to find jobs? Investors wanting to find opportunities? Local PR for the university? If there are presenters, figure out their topics to gain additional insights.

If you could get a list of last years showcase attendees, give one of them a call and politely ask what type of audience to expect.

In short, the more info you can get about the event, the better you can tailor your booth / presentation material to put yourself in the best possible light.

answered Aug 2 '12 at 06:32
Jim Galley
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  • +1 for doing the research up front. Also, don't be afraid to make the fact that you are a one-person operation an *advantage*. After all, you are doing so well that nobody realized it was just you. That's a strong indicator that you're doing something right. – Erik Schmidt 11 years ago
  • Thanks for your comments...Really helpful. I need to prepare myself, that is right. – Vaivhav 11 years ago


Does it cost money to attend this event? (Are they charging you to attend?) If so, this is just an advertisement and you should decide to attend or not based on whether the event will provide you with worthwhile information.

Are you embarressed because you are only a 1 man startup? If so, get some physcological help- most startups begin with one man. Be proud of what you have accomplished, not embarressed.

answered Aug 2 '12 at 04:34
Gary E
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  • No, they are not charging and are instead giving me exhibition space to showcase. And yes, I am proud off-course. I have worked my ass off. :) Thanks Gary.. – Vaivhav 11 years ago


Of course you should. Do they need your employees roster? Who cares how many people are there, and who knows? Why does it make you nervous?

answered Aug 2 '12 at 03:23
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  • I don't know. All this sounds too big. I'm just running a small enterprise which happens to be a startup. But yes, I should of course go. What better chance to get some attention. Thanks for your answer. – Vaivhav 11 years ago

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