How to optimize your squeeze landing pages?


What are some tips for making high converting squeeze pages (where you only have an email signup and nothing else)? Do you have any examples of great squeeze pages or would like to show off ones that are working great for you?

Conversion Landing Page Cro Squeeze Page

asked Jun 24 '14 at 15:27
George Salter
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Here are some landing page CRO tips from Unbounce:

  1. Send people to a relevant and targeted page
  2. Provide a consistent experience
  3. Focus the visitors attention with a clear and concise headline
  4. User and traffic segmentation
  5. Remove the clutter
  6. Remove the navigation
  7. Keep reading to a minimum
  8. Above the fold
  9. Experiment with different media types
  10. Enable sharing on viral landing pages
  11. Provide extra value on your confirmation or thank you page
  12. Show a phone number
  13. Remove barriers to valuable content
  14. Brand consistency (extending the brand messaging)
  15. Refrain from using gimmicky sales tactics
  16. Use verifiable facts
  17. Endorsements
  18. Testimonials
  19. Don't ask for information you don’t really need
  20. Terms and Conditions in Laymanʼs Terms
  21. Certification and brand logos
  22. Professional design
  23. Donʼt exaggerate!

answered Jun 25 '14 at 05:29
Patricia Wright
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Conversion Landing Page Cro Squeeze Page