How to overcome this business fear?


I am a techie, now creating few amazing text extraction tech(yes, few of them are world's first related to web data). I am full time into it, and still I do not have any problem going opensource if it can really help analytics get a new direction.

I am designing website, learning what should I do & what I should not, how to market among other business things. To be honest, I am more in tech than in business, and to be more honest, I just don't want to be in business of selling tech because I think I can create good things but can't sell them (an internal gut feeling).

(By selling, I mean opensource/free as well, it just about people making use of it do things)

What would you do in my place ? Should I overrule my inner thoughts and start focusing on business or should I focus on tech only?

I am not sure if you have also struggled with this in start years. What is your experience on this?

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asked Jul 15 '13 at 21:26
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  • Try to find a few people who need what you're building. They can be your first customers and also help to spread the word for you. You must have a type of customer in mind, unless this is a purely academic endeavour. – Steve Jones 9 years ago
  • What does an "amazing text extraction tech" do and who needs it? – Frenchie 9 years ago
  • @frenchie it can decide if a web page really contains any readable article or not, and if so retrieve the relevant text, all in tenth of second. Steve Jones thanks, I will try to. – Akshayb 9 years ago
  • So would it find this question of your on SE ? – Happybuddha 9 years ago
  • What you describe sounds like web scraping or data mining. I cannot imagine that there are not already a very large number of other groups pursuing this objective in addition to the ones that already have made enormous headway (like, uh...Google). Before you go further, perhaps it would be prudent to make sure that your "amazing tech" is considered by others to be as amazing as you consider it. E.g. the "all in a tenth of a second" really smacks of crackpotism. – Chelonian 9 years ago

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Try to follow these rules:

  1. Think of an idea
  2. Shutdown your developer mind completely, go out on a walk and think from a business perspective.
  3. How do you think from a Biz perspective? Study the "Business Model Canvas" ( ).
  4. Use a software like "mindtree lite", to put your ideas together otherwise they will be one big unordered list of things to do.
  5. While you earn your money at your primary employer, start by outsourcing the design/coding parts on websites like and
  6. Thoroughly research sites like, twitter, etc on how they monetize their content. Remember its all about content after all. Content is King!
answered Jul 16 '13 at 12:11
Pratik Khadloya
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  • I'm having a hard time seeing how this answers the question. Can you clarify? – Zuly Gonzalez 9 years ago

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