How to promote a Kickstarter project?

We have a new project will launch on Kickstarter(crowdfunding website) soon, I want to know if there is any good free promotion method to let more people know our product, except Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Cause we have already tried them. Also I created a survey to collect potential user's opinions, can someone help? Or tell me some good ways to spread it as well. Here is the survey's link: Many thanks! Lesley

Marketing Promotion Survey Kickstarter

asked Feb 6 '15 at 15:39
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  • Youtube is also good. Free-ish if you do it DIY style. Create a compelling video showcasing your product. Additionally if there are influencers in the space that would find your product useful or simply like it share it with them for free on the condition that they promote it for free (or at least show it on camera). I've found tons of kickstarter like projects via video or youtubers talking about it. Caey Neistat being one of the biggest even though he always puts a disclaimer of it not being a paid endorsement. Hope this helps and good luck! – Allan G 2 years ago

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I would reach out to the relevant target market groups on linkedin. Try fine tuning your marketing to where the target market lives and you should get better results. So for example this is obviously tech so search out technology and security groups.

Secondly when you post your project and information keep the conversation going on it. Keep the audience engaged. That is what wins. I would also try pitching it to companies that make similar devices. I also recommend making a pitching slide show to get more traction with your product.

Its a great design, just find ways to make this more problem solving like I would pitch this at day care companies, educational institutions etc. I hope this helps you out a bit.



answered Aug 25 '16 at 16:36
Justin Sanders
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Marketing Promotion Survey Kickstarter